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COVID 19 Notice:

Due to COVID 19, Cadillac Family Physicians follows safety protocols upon entering our building.  You are asked to wear a mask.  You will be screened at the door.  Please preregister for your appointment when possible.  If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please call the office for instructions.
For additional COVID-19 information from our office, follow this link: COVID 19 Information

Vaccines and Masking remain Critical

Vaccines and Masking remain Critical Components as COVID-19 Pandemic Continues

By James Whelan, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital

As we enter the second year of this deadly pandemic, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  With just a couple of months of sacrifice we can put this terrible time behind us. What is the best path forward?  The dedicated providers listed below are unified in our conviction that getting vaccinated and continued masking in public are the most important components of the path forward. 

We urge you to mask for others.  Hospitalizations in Cadillac are skyrocketing and Wexford, Osceola and Missaukee counties continue to have very high rates of transmission.  Masking slows transmission and will give us time to get more people vaccinated and save lives.  Even those who have already had Covid-19 and recovered and those fully vaccinated can carry and spread the virus.  We wear our masks so we are less likely to spread the virus to others, please do the same for each other.

We realize many are hesitant to get the vaccines, for various reasons.  This is not a political crisis but a medical one.  The healthcare providers below have dedicated well over a thousand years taking care of you and your families.  Our hearts have broken watching families suffer the isolation and loss that has dominated our work this past year.  Yet, we continue to have members of our community fall ill, almost universally unvaccinated people at this point, and we worry that if not enough people get vaccinated, the cycle of sickness, suffering and death will continue.  Everyone listed here believes the approved vaccines are safe and effective.  Please discuss your individual concerns with your provider, a much more trusted source than the internet, ask all your questions and then please decide. Vaccine supply is rapidly rising and the local practices, pharmacies and Health Department have sign-ups available.  Once enough people are vaccinated we can put this fearful, uncertain time behind us by summer.

Thank you for your trust and the privilege of allowing us to care for you and your family. 

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February is American Heart Month, Learn more about a Healthy Heart

February is American Heart Month, this is a good time to think about healthy choices to improve your overall heart health.
Many factors contribute to an individual’s heart health. Your diet and activity level play a major role and can impact your risk of heart disease. 

Here are a few heart healthy ideas found from around the web:

Healthline offers 15 Incredibly Heart Healthy Foods

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shares these facts about Hypertension

Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital provides excellent information and resources for heart health.


During the COVID 19 pandemic, Cadillac Family Physicians asks that you follow these safety protocols upon entering our building. 

Please wear a mask upon entering our office.  You will be screened for COVID-19 prior to entering the office.  Please preregister for your appointment when possible. (Contact the office to learn more about Follow My Health Portal and Pre-registration.)  If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please call the office for instructions. 

Our office has been approved as a COVID vaccine center.  The vaccine has not yet arrived and the date of delivery is pending. We will follow CDC guidelines for scheduling vaccine clinics based on age and chronic conditions.  We will contact our patients to schedule appointments as soon as possible.